The Netherlands Set

Preview of some rail units This 128 country set features main Dutch railway company, Nederlandse Spoorwegen, throughout the 20th century, but future plans include total conversion to Dutch region, from landscape to factories and economy, thus making the set independent from official pak128 set.

In version 1.0, the NS Set includes a complete timeline for railways right from 1900 until the last month of the year 2010 (at which most modern vehicles have their retire date). This is due to change in the future when the timeline is extended. Also, most vehicles (especially MUís) havenít got overlapping lives, but instead a model is made obsolete whenever a new one is designed, so as to have not much more than one choice for IC EMU, shuttle EMU and DMU at a time. In that way, depot is kept fairly clean (no need for scrollbar), so donít forget to buy a model you like before is retired (not quite, itís still possible to build it clicking the show obsolete button). I plan to make a full list with technical data from vehicles and common usage, but until that day comes Iíll include a simple list of featured vehicles. Full vehicle list is included in readme document which comes with the set.

Fixed vehicle length limits greatly the railway feeling this game provides, so I thought of some workaround. Most passenger and mail coaches, and most multiple units are now 50% longer, this meant some thinking and workarounds that are not straightforward. The system works mainly by creating two versions of each 1,5 unit, one overhanging half a tile forward, (which will be called Standard), and one overhanging half a tile backwards (Back). Thereís also a small Coupler unit centered in itís tile, meant for coupling one Back with one Standard, so that the centre tile is shared by Back and Standard vehicles.

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