IMPORTANT: The file good.all.pak had a typo and didn't overwrite the original one from pak128 set, if you've downloaded some of the sets and note a strange behaviour in your simutrans game, check if you have both, in that case, just delete them and dowload goods.all.pak again. You'll find it in the Cargo Set Section.

Also, some people have reported that the city set doen't work quite as intended. It doesn't support loading old games, so if you feel something isn't quite all right, just rename the file to residental2.pak and play without trouble until a better solution is found.

The British Set is quite advanced, Steamers from 1920 are done, so are Bo-Bo and large diesels. In the ToDo queue are Electric Locomotives, and the whole range of Multiple Units and some passenger wagons. I may do an addon to cover the whole rail timeline (from 1830) but time will tell...

About the American Set, i'm remaking most of the engines, I hope you liked the Amtrak vehicles, because the next version will include a long CoCo version and a short BoBo version of each diesel engine. I haven't still decided which livery, I think CN is quite nice, but dunno...

Stay tuned.

Many thanks go to Isaac Eiland-Hall who kindly provided hosting for free.



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