European RV Set

Preview of some rail unitsThe EU RV Set features a full timeline of trucks, buses and trailers for the XX century.

 Version 1.0 includes an european set of city buses, divided in four liveries (and ages), green, crimsom, blue, and red. There's also a double decker version for each generation, and some trailers, that allow the player to carry small amounts of mail or some more passengers in early generations, or to upgrade city buses to long articulated units.

Version 1.1 adds pure-bred horses, horses, donkeys, oxes and two passenger carriages for train, road and tram ways. This are available in the 1800-1930 period.

This version also includes a timeline of trucks and cargo. I've devised this set to give the player as much freedom as s/he likes, so truck heads and trailers are all separate, just buy the engine and then add a trailer. There are 5 wheel configurations for trailer units, so every truck is available.

Future releases will include new liveries for trucks and buses, if requested also for cargo, and some constraints to disallow strange vehicle configurations (as V1.0, it's possible to add more than one head and trailer, this is not desired). Also, when this set is finished, there's a chance that it'll be released as a left lane english styled RV set.

Hope you enjoy it. I'll appreciate feedback or tech info and photos for new trucks to be included.

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