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Welcome! This page is home to 128x128 pixel version of the wonderful Simutrans game, usually called colloquially pak128. Simutrans is a free & open source transport economic simulation game, available for a multitude of operating systems and computer types.

Latest pak128 version is 2.3.0, compatible with Simutrans 112.2 and later versions. Announcement on forum includes changelog and some more comments.


Further information

Please remember: if you want to install the game, you will need 128x128 base package + Simutrans executable for your operating system. Don't forget to download that, too!

Currently there exist also other image sets for Simutrans, bringing really large variety to the game. You can learn more about them on page about paksets.

Are you missing an object that was in old versions, but has been removed, such as a factory? Can't load old savegame? If you moved to 2.0, this release is incompatible with previous ones due to many removed objects. For older releases, try the compatibility pack which includes backup of removed objects. The older releases are available on sourceforge, too.

Nightly builds of pak128 are available at nightly page. These are snapshots of development in between versioned releases, and may be broken or incompatible - on the other hand, they might include new features as well. Remember that for nightly pakset you need nightly of the program, too. They are available on the same page. For information about recent improvements, try the web archive of development logs.

Want to paint some addons for this pakset? Graphic archive has lots of templates and helpful parts, and on Simutrans wiki should be enough to get you started.

We are Open Source! Sources are available as a SVN repository on SourceForge. A mirror of the repo is on GitHub, as well. Most of the material is available under Artistic License 2.0.


Released pak128 version 2.3.0
Released pak128 version 2.2.0
Released pak128 version 2.1.0
Released pak128 version 2.0.0
The lengthy transition to open source is nearly finished.
Released pak128 version 1.4.6

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